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In the MarketPlace you will find activities related to the different aspects of Teaching and Learning. The idea behind this initiative is to have a single place where you can collect and share innovative practices. This is a tool for curating the resources and giving them visibility. As a widget, it can be embedded into different webpages. This is a continuous work in progress and you, as individual or unit, are encouraged to contribute your own activities/ideas. All the resources must be hosted elsewhere, this is just the place to make it more visible.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning are an intrinsic part of academic life and giving our students an excellent learning experience is inherent in everything we do at the university. This section shows examples of how to embed each of our 6 pillars.

Assessment & Feedback

Assessment strategy and policy Assessment journey
In this section, you will find several resources to support your assessment and feedback practices across the Coventry University Group. It includes innovative practices around both formative and summative assessment, ideas for implementing authentic assessment, and other aspects of CU Group Assessment Strategy.

Course Design

The University has a course-based approach to programme development and annual review. This section includes activities that will support the design and the on-going review of your programme and course. The goal is to provide a more holistic view of the student learning experience ensuring coherence and progression in the programmes, working toward clear course learning outcomes.

Student Engagement

The ideas that the Students learn and develop in a wide variety of contexts is a relevant part of the Coventry Way. A student-cantered approach is essential to reach this goal. This section covers many aspects and challenges both for students and staff to co-produce and co-create the student experience.

Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is an intrinsic part of what we all engage with at Coventry University Group. In this section, you can find useful resources and activities to develop with staff, for faculties and course teams.

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