Use Sprint methodology to rapidly design innovative courses and modules.
Creator(s): Dr. Alan Richards, Alex Masters, Oliver Wood, Google Ventures


Course Team

Delivery Time

Three to Five Days

Resource Type

Course | Workshop


The CU SPRINT is a Higher Education focused version of the Google Ventures Sprint. Designed by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, the Google Ventures Sprint is used by companies and organisation across the globe to rapidly solve problems and develop products. The Google Ventures Sprint has been used to develop products such as Slack, Medium and Nest amongst others.

The CU SPRINT is designed to allow course teams the time, space, and resource to radicaly reconsider their product starting backwards from the ideal graduate. The CU SPRINT takes place over five solid days, and should provide completed course documentation, a prototype design, and stakeholder feedback by the end of the process.

What Is It For?
The CU SPRINT is designed for rapid prototyping of innovative new course designs. It has been used to design courses in the Humanities, Languages, Health, and Business but is entirely discipline agnostic.

How Long Does It Take?
The CU SPRINT takes five days. Alternative variations can last between one and four days.

Who Is Involved?
The core CU SPRINT team is formed of the Course Director, Representatives from the Modules, and a SPRINT facilitator. Alongside this, throughout the exercise, key stakeholders such as representatives from Academic Development, Quality Assurance Teams, Learning Technologists, or Subject Librarians will take part.

Support Contact

Dr. Alan Richards

Disruptive Media Learning Lab