Domain, Paper, Scissors

An easy introduction to structuring a website, with no knowledge of web design required.
Creator(s): Lauren Heywood


One per person

Delivery Time

30-60 minutes

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For those who have not had experience of creating a website or blog before, creating a site from the ground up can seem like an intimidating thing to do. This paper-based toolkit includes bite-sized, user-friendly information for those with limited web literacy, and takes a hands-on approach to guide learners through the initial steps of designing a website with WordPress. The toolkit prompts learners to consider elements such as: the purpose of their domain, the expected audience of their resulting site, what content to include, and how to structure their site.

‘Design Your Own Domain: Plan your WordPress site with paper’ has been designed by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) to support staff and students to plan the structure of their websites as part of the CU Domain of One’s Own initiative. The tool provides a printable, offline means of introducing students and staff to the different elements and potentials of building a website, without needing any prior knowledge of web design or content management systems. The tool can be used in a classroom environment or be disseminated as a resource for self-guided practice.

Support Contact

Lauren Heywood

Innovation and Community Producer