Flexible and Personalised Learning toolkit

Explore how we can use curricula to provide choice and agency for students
Creator(s): Oliver Wood, Curriculum 2025



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Welcome to the flexible and personalised learning toolkit

This toolkit has been designed by the Curriculum 2025 team to support you in your flexible and personalised learning journey.

Courses will be designed and delivered so that students can move between campus and online-based learning to fit in with their lives and preferences. As well as responding to their needs, learning should be designed to play to their strengths, skills and interests. 


At Coventry, we have invested heavily in providing students with choice and agency over their experience. Many courses are provided with a part-time option, Coventry University Online have launched numerous online postgraduate degrees, and the CU Group provide an alternative route into Higher Education than traditional University provision. Capitalising on the expertise around the University Group, we can seize the opportunities presented through our Academic Regulations, Academic Year, and Group structure to develop ever more flexible and personalised routes for our students.

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Oliver Wood

Faculty Curriculum Lead (Arts and Humanities)