Game Changers Open Course in Game Design

Help students develop the power of play as a method of problem solving through this Open Course.
Creator(s): Samantha Clarke, Sylvester Arnab, Oliver Wood, Alex Masters



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6 Weeks

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The Game Changers Open Course in Game Design takes participants through a series of tasks, challenges and missions over a six week period. Based around design thinking principles, the course explores the mechanics behind game design and looks at the power of playfulness in solving problems and developing solutions. Part funded by HEFCE, the course is entirely online, asynchronous, and freely available for all to use.

The Open Course is part of the wider Game Changers program of activity which seeks to explore playfulness and games in Higher Education. We believe in the power of learning through play, and play for learning. For more information visit

Support Contact

Sylvester Arnab

Professor of Game Science