A toolkit on Inclusivity and Sense of Belonging

Explore how we can use curricula to build an inclusive community for students
Creator(s): Nik Beer, Curriculum 2025



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Case Studies | Guidelines


This toolkit is designed to introduce you to the concepts of inclusivity and sense of belonging (SoB) and explore how we can use curricula to build an inclusive community for students. It provides case studies and useful resources to help you to produce the most inclusive curriculum possible to ensure:


The design and delivery of curriculum will provide the setting for all students, regardless of their background or personal characteristics, to reach their full potential. All students will feel part of, and contribute to, the learning community. 


This toolkit will guide you through embedding inclusivity into your curriculum. It will explore the importance of sense of belonging, define what we mean by inclusivity and sense of belonging, look into case studies from Coventry and elsewhere, explore the measures of success for successful implementation and provide guidance and support on what to do next in your curriculum transformation journey.

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Nik Beer

Curriculum Lead