Use L·E·A·R·N, a 5 step card activity for staff and students, to create dynamic learning designs.
Creator(s): Dr. Alan Richards, Alex Masters, Oliver Wood


Course, Module, or Session Design Team

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30 - 120 minutes

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The L·E·A·R·N Framework is a learning design framework for Beyond Flipped activity. Employing the five elements of L·E·A·R·N should provide engaging, in depth session or module designs which are adaptable and flexible dependant on discipline needs. The L·E·A·R·N methodology may be employed to facilitate existing learning outcomes in new and interesting ways. Through implementation of the steps, new ways of exploring the problem domain may be undertaken in order to create flipped solutions cognisant with deep learning inside of Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs).

The five stages of the L·E·A·R·N process are;

Locate – Choose a short question for exploration Evaluate – Identify credible sources of information Articulate – Present findings to peers for discussion and analysis Re-Evaluate – Amalgamate disparate ideas Naturalise – Turn information into knowledge for future utilisation L·E·A·R·N is available as a stand-alone framework or as a set of learning design cards which can be used by staff to design learning experiences or by students to provide ownership over their learning journeys. The cards act as session design prompts to consider engaging activities across the five elements of the process. It may be used to design individual sessions, modules, or entire programmes of study dependent on need.

Support Contact

Dr. Alan Richards

Disruptive Media Learning Lab