Podcast – Using Moodle’s Structured Label to Create Micro Learning Sets

The podcast will show step by step creating on how to create structured labels on Moodle to support synchronous and asynchronous learning
Creator(s): Amrita Narang


From a small tutorial group to a class size of 50

Delivery Time

10-15 minutes

Resource Type

Guidelines | Tutorial


Creating micro learning sets are a valuable way to increase student engagement with learning material, in an easy, adaptable and accessible manner. Learning sets can be modified to suit the cohort, topic, and level of study. They promote scaffolding within learning, and enhance student’s confidence in engaging with digital tools. Micro learning sets can themed on- knowledge understanding, problem-based learning, knowledge synthesis or co-creation of knowledge. Flexibility and hybrid learning is inherent in these learning opportunities. Learning sets are created using material that one creates themselves such recorded lectures, as well material already available such as LinkedIn Learning, TedEd lessons and so on. In addition, including discussion forums within the learning set can promote peer-to-peer interactions, and tutor facilitated/ moderated discussions, leading to a sense of belonging and creating sense of connection within the learning environment.



Support Contact

Amrita Narang

Academic Developer