Rapid Design Workshop for Educational Games

Explore the power of game design thinking through fast-paced collaborative ideation.
Creator(s): Alex Masters, Oliver Wood


1 - 10 teams (max 8 per team)

Delivery Time

60-90 minutes

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Sometimes it can be challenging to explain the benefits of game design thinking to individuals who may see the concept of gaming as just playing, and not learning. Those who have experienced playful and gameful learning know how powerful the practice can be. But for other, more skeptical individuals, the best way to espouse the benefits of such practice is to immerse them in some form of practical application. In this case, a rapid game prototyping workshop, where the end result is an educational game, designed by a diverse group of academics to meet specific learning outcomes.

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage participants to design educational game prototypes in a compressed timeframe, in order to expose educators to game design thinking through direct practical application. The main workshop can be delivered in as little as 1 hour, giving teams 60 minutes to design their educational games. However, if time is available, we suggest 90+ minutes to allow a bit of time at the beginning to introduce yourself, and to allow teams to present their game ideas at the end of the session.

Support Contact

Alex Masters

Disruptive Media Learning Technologist