Remixing Play Workshop

Use playfulness to build confidence around particular subject areas.
Creator(s): Prof. Sylvester Arnab, Dr. Samantha Clarke, Dr. Luca Morini


Up to 50 people

Delivery Time

60 to 120 minutes

Resource Type

Game | Workshop


The act of play often produces intrinsic engagement and pleasure that enhances our interaction with services, products, problems, challenges, etc. It is therefore possible for us to be inspired by the mechanics of play for informing our strategy, design and construction of solutions that will be more human driven, and more emotionally intelligent.

Remixing Play into a Game Plan is a workshop which uses the mechanics of play to explore problems in new ways. It is a playful experience which allows participants to use inspiration from their favourite games and playful experiences to design new solutions to difficult problems.

Support Contact

Prof. Sylvester Arnab

Disruptive Media Learning Lab