What Is Your Story?

Use the ‘What Is Your Story?’ card game to inspire creative thinking from your students.
Creator(s): Lauren Heywood, Dr. Sylvester Arnab, Alex Masters


Up to 10 people per deck

Delivery Time

30 plus minutes

Resource Type



‘What Is Your Story?’ can be used with a range of audiences, across levels and disciplines, and can be made topic specific either by structuring workshop delivery around given topics, and/or adapting the design of the cards with new images.

‘What Is Your Story?’ has three card elements: People, Context and Activity. The aim of the game is for players to create a narrative around a given topic using the People, Context and Activity cards, and to share their story with other players. The activity encourages learners to employ a complex combination of skills to link disconnected images to a theme, to create an abstract concept. ‘What Is Your Story?’ encourages learners to share their ideas and develop confidence in doing so, and requires peer review of ideas shared.

(An digital version of the card game is now available online at wiys.dmll.org.uk!)

Support Contact

Dr. Sylvester Arnab

Disruptive Media Learning Lab